Not all that long ago I wasn’t conscious of what I consumed, and I didn’t exercise on a regular basis. With that being said, I wasn’t as bad as I could’ve been, however I was no where near where I should’ve, needed, or even wanted to be. In 8 months I turned that around, and took control of my body. With eating a generally clean diet, and regular exercise, I’ve come a long way. Now, there’s no stopping me.

Look out world ūüôā

2 ingredient pancakes

Now, who doesn’t love pancakes? Only weirdos, right? ¬†Well believe-it-or-not I was one of those weirdos not that long ago. ¬†I’ve just never been that big of a fan of pancakes. Usually they’re just huge, too thick, and get soggy from all of the (very) sweet syrup..Gross! However, since my newfound lifestyle change, I’ve found myself craving them. ¬†This is probably because I don’t eat sweet things often other than fruit. ¬†So this put me in a bit of a predicament.. How can I satisfy my pancake craving without really indulging?

After a few minutes on google I came across this uh-mazzz-zing 2 ingredient pancake recipe. ¬†Yes, you read that correctly:¬†TWO¬†ingredients; that’s all. ¬†Those two ingredients you ask? Egg, and banana. That’s it! ¬†Okay, okay, okay, I’ll stop ranting and give you the recipe already ūüėÄ



  • 1 ripe banana
  • 2 eggs
  • Optional: Chocolate chips, pecans, almonds, raisins, etc


  • Mix the eggs and banana together. ¬†(I prefer to use it blender/food processor – use whatever is easiest for you)
  • Add fillings if you fancy
  • Now just cook these bad boys like you’d cook any other pancakes
  • Top with fruit, nuts, syrup, nutbutter – ENJOY!


  • I let the mixture set for a few minutes before cooking them otherwise you get extremely flat (yet still delicious) pancakes.
  • Look out for the little air bubbles on top of your pancakes – when there’s a bunch that means it’s time to flip those flap jacks!

I hope you enjoy these guys! They’re full of potassium, fiber, vitamin c, ¬†and protein but you’ll feel like you’re indulging big time. ¬†These pancakes are one of my absolute favorites now – I can’t get enough!